Animal Websites for Kids

Want to educate your children about the lives of animals and healthy alternatives to animal products?

Check out these online resources for kids.  

ASPCA Animaland
Visit the ASPCA's Animaland for kids. This site has received the Family Safe Award and is full of educational information, pet care tips, an animal encyclopedia, a career center, and games.

The Lemonslice is a companion site to Amy's Organic Foods hosted by Amy for kids. This site has lots of fun games, downloads, and veggie info for kids — even celebrity sightings.

PetStation is an electronic forum dedicated to furthering awareness of natural and enlightened pet-keeping; increasing appreciation and respect for companion animals and their place in human society; and assisting in the improvement of conditions related to these pets.

Animal Planet
The Animal Plant site has information about animal-related television programs on Animal Planet, animal videos, animal games, and information about all types of animals.

The ASPCA's website contains information about humane education, animal care, and animal advocacy.

Monarch Watch
Interested in butterflies. Monarch Watch is dedicated to preserving the Monarch butterfly, promoting and supporting related conservancy issues, and studying a variety of butterflies and plants. You can get information about the Monarch butterfly and download data sheets for tracking their migration south between September and November.

National Wildlife Federation Kidzone
The National Wildlife Federation site has educational information about wildlife and kids activities organized by age groups.

Whale Net Student Page
This interactive educational web site focuses on whales and marine research. WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts with initial support from the National Science Foundation.

Find great resources for vegetarian kids at the The Vegetarian Resource Group.