Adopting an animal friend to share your life can be one of the best and most rewarding decisions you'll ever make. But the lifetime care of an animal is a big responsibility. It means making that animal a part of your family and that takes plenty of time, patience, and sometimes a lot of money. Dogs and cats can live up to twenty years and animals like turtles and some birds, like parrots, can live to be 100!

MAC searched the web for the best information about how to be a real friend to the animals. Read on, learn more, and say YES! to commitment and compassion.

Read Pet Station's Bill of Rights for keeping companion animals.

Also offered up by Pet Station are some of the best Dos & Don'ts related to the care of companion animals that MAC has read in a long while, including what to do when you realize you made a mistake!

If you're think you want to adopt either a puppy or adult dog, read the 10 Golden Rules of Dog Care at

Companion animals are not equipped to live outside in winter weather. Read these Cold Weather Tips offered by the American Humane Association.

Do you love fish? Are you fascinated just watching them swim and dart around? Maybe you've dreamed of having your own fish tank or aquarium? If so, read How to Set Up a Tropical Fish Tank and get some Tropical Fish Tank Tips.

Want to help keep your best friend safe? Here are five great safety tips!
1. Keep all electric cords out of reach or covered by a chew-proof guard. Puppies and kittens will chew on anything.
2. Don't leave any medicines on tables, chairs, or in open cabinets.
3. Cover your outside pool or pond. Many heavy-coated dogs and cats may be unable to swim to safety when their coats are soaking wet.
4. Keep pets away from ice-covered ponds and lakes. Cats and dogs may wander onto ice too thin to support their weight.
5. Keep all painting supplies in closed cabinets.

Rabbits are wonderful woodland creatures, but did you know rabbits are not ideal pets for a busy family with small children? Learn more about rabbit habits and find out why Easter and rabbits don't mix!