Check out some of these terrific vegetarian and vegan recipe options. The possibilities are endless!

Ahimsa Custom Cakes
Ahimsa Custom Cakes makes vegan cakes and cookies from scratch. Based in Auburn, Maine, Ahimsa Custom Cakes specializes in delicious hand sculpted and hand painted works of art. If you think choosing a vegan cake means sacrificing flavor and design, think again! 

Post Punk Kitchen
The Post Punk Kitchen is a public access vegan cooking show hosted by cookbook authors Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero. This site has clips from the Post Punk Kitchen cooking show, Isa's blog, recipes, and more.

The Conscious Kitchen
Emile Hardman is an academic refugee with a background in sociology and archives, a preference for pastry, a passion for all cooking, an interest in the cultural, historical, geographic and social elements of food, a dedication to ethical consumption and an uncommonly deep appreciation for eggplant. Check out her cooking blog with recipes and tasty photos of her vegan pastries.

VegNews Magazine
VegNews Magazine is America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine. 

Cafe VegNews
Cafe VegNews is the daily lunch blog of the VegNews Magazine staff. 

Delicious TV Totally Vegetarian
The goal of Delicious TV is to reach all who seek a healthier approach to diet, to explore the whole spectrum of vegetarian cooking, and especially to pass along a love of delicious, nourishing, and simply prepared food.

Vegetarian Times
The grandmother of vegetarian publications. Still relevant and still offering great recipes, now all online as well as in print. Check it out. Vegetarian
The web guide to vegetarian cooking and lifestyle.
Four year collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes compiled by Mary, Frank and friends.

International Vegetarian Union
Not only will you find wonderful vegetarian recipes from all around the world, but IVU's website is available in a variety of languages as well.

Vegan Cooking
Easy-and-quick vegan recipes and vegan cookbooks.
Vegetarian collection from the "All Recipes" people.
Author and illustrator Nava Atlas' collection of vegetarian tips and recipes includes a section on kid-friendly recipes.
Loads of recipes and meat substitutes.
Fun recipe of the day and viewer rated recipes.

Vegetarian Resource Group
Recipes mixed with articles.